Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Jamberry! I love these!!

Alright ladies (and gents).

Nik here. 

Guess what?!

I am now an Independent Jamberry consultant!

That's right. After my party, I earned nine free wraps, and after using them one more time, I just had to become a consultant.

If you know me at all, I hate sales, and never ever ever wanted to become a consultant for anything.

That is a testament to my love for these wraps.

(That's all it took for a full manicure.)

I've worn two more "Jamicures" since my last post plus one more mani with accent nails. Each has lasted a week or more. Not one was removed because they had to be, rather because I wanted to try a new design. They hold up SO WELL against every thing I do. They've become easy-breezy to apply now that I've done them multiple times. I am SO GLAD I didn't let my crappy application experience with my sample deter me. That, looking back, was all my fault. I touched the adhesive side and when I went to put it on my nail I removed it and put it again.

Oh, and I did a pedicure! It took 2.333 wraps to do all ten of my toenails! And I have big nails. 

The heat seal completely sets them apart from other wraps. It helps create a water tight bond. You can use a blow dryer, hit rice packs, or our mini heater. If the traditional application method doesn't quite work for you, there are alternative methods that can be used, too!

So, I am certain that most of my manicures from here on out will be Jamicure based. With what little free time I have for myself anymore, why would I waste it on polish that's going to chip in half a day, if I'm lucky enough that no one needs a diaper before it cures. 

I have a Jamberry website where you can shop (buy 3 get 1 free and satisfaction guarantee, plus over 300 designs), sign up to host online pastries (and win amazing rewards), or sign on to become a consultant.

And a Facebook page for updates, news, and info!

It's not just me that loves these! Desi does too and is hosting an online party starting Monday!