Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rawr. Pink and Blue Leopard over Holo

I'm just posting some pictures if my first attempt at leopard print nail art.

I used two coats NYC Sidewalkers and one coat Mentality Holo Top Coat. 

Then I used black, hot pink, and bright blue Sinful Colors Nail Art paints that I nabbed at Dollar Tree.

Love Notes, Bug Juice, & Smamfa - GG Couture

Today, I will show you three gorgeous polishes I worked with GG Couture to create. 

To create your own or purchase from the shop, check out GG Couture nails.


Each of the three polishes had fabulous application and dry time. No need for fishing out glitter!

First, Love Notes. This was inspired by this photo:
I took the photo. Don't steal it. 

I layered two coats of Love Notes over a beige base.

Second is Smamfa. This one is named after my younger sister's nickname, created for her. It's her favorite colors and made to match a quilt I created her. 

I used two coats of Smamfa over a medium gray base.

I also painted the underside of my nails red.

The third polish was created for my youngest sister, and it shares her nickname, Bug Juice. It is her favorite colors, and again, matches the quilt I made her.

I wore three coats over white.

They all smell divine.

Aren't they fabulous?!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

101th post Q & A

101th, you ask? Yeah... That's because sometimes Nik types without really thinking.

Anyway, we thought we would cekebrate by answering questions from some of our community members! Have a question to add? Comment below, we can so a part 2 post!

How do you not cry when working with big glitter? 
Nik: I uh... I think it's mostly fun to use, though my nails are so round that they often don't lie flush and so I get frustrated later when my nails snag on things. As far as removal goes, if I don't use the tin foil removal method or glue as a base coat, I use scrap fabric with my remover because it tips less and grips more glitter.
Desi: I do. Every time. ;) Not gonna lie, I have a love/hate relationship with glitter polishes. I love them, until it's time for removal.

What closet do you lock your children in to find time to give yourselves manis? 
Nik: The neighbor's pantry- then there are snacks easily accessible so they don't come home crabby. 
Totally kidding. I do my manicures throughout the day. A coat here and there... whenever I have a few free moments.
Desi: I usually wait until Owen is napping to do my manicures. Either that, or I'll do it when he's spending a day with my parents or is otherwise occupied.

How many caffeinated beverages do you drink every day in order to get so much STUFF done and still have mani time? 
Nik: At least one coffee- hot or iced. If I have Coke, one of those (anyone willing to chip in for a year supply? Haha.)
Desi: At least one! Coffee in the morning. (Always hot. Iced coffee is just wrong!) And I'm a Coke addict...Coca-Cola, that is. I ususally have a Coke in the afternoon.

What's your favorite polish brand? 
Nik: Zoya is my favorite mainstream. I also like OPI and Sinful Colors. My favorite indie is GG Couture Nail Lacquer because she makes fabulous customs. I also favor Daring Digits, Different Dimemsion and LynBDesigns. I love so many indie brands but I have the most of them.
Desi: Essie is my current favorite. I've heard a lot of people complain about it being difficult to work with, but I've never had any issues with application. I'm also a big fan of Zoya & OPI. I haven't used many indie polishes (yet!!) but I own polishes from GG Couture (amazing!) and Different Dimension (also amazing!) and I love them. (I even had the honor of naming a DD polish!) I have wish lists of several other indie brands.

Do you use base coat or just top coat?
Nik: I try to do both... especially since I have stained my nails green and blue multiple times this year. Top coat almost always.
Desi: I always use a top coat. Base coat when I remember.

How do y'all store your polishes?
Nik: My husband bought me a big ass caboodle for Christmas that I store mainstream polishes in. My indies are in plastic baskets on a shelf.
Desi: Right now, they're in little baskets in my bathroom drawers, but I plan to get a clear pocket shoe storage hanger to put them in, like missglamorazzi on YouTube. I love the idea of being able to see them all at a glance.

OPI, Cover Girl, Sally Hansen, Revlon, Mary Kay, China Glaze, random brands, nail art tools/Konad stamper

Essie, GG Couture, Different Dimension, TONP, Zoya, Orly, NYC, Hard Candy, Nailtini

Have you ever tried to practice on the boys?
Nik: Yes. Once. He runs away if I offer now. Scaredy cat. I tried to paint Elmo on his toes.  

Desi: No. Nail polish is for mommy only!

Have you ever used a polish you absolutely hated?
Nik: I had one from an indie brand with curling glitter, super thick even with thinner, and a severely deformed brush. I was going to blog it and decided to contact the creator first... and have yet to hear back from her, a month later.
Desi: Yes. Not because they were "bad" polishes, but because the color wasn't flattering with my skin tone or because the formula was a bit difficult to work with.

How often do you put off other reviews so you can wear a polish for more than a little bit?
Nik: Like... Twice?
Desi: I'm awful about doing reviews. 1, because I suck at photographing my manicures and 2, because I'm not crazy about changing my polish so often--ain't nobody got time fa dat! ;) When I pick a color, I leave it on for a couple of days. That said, I am trying to be a better nail blogger and post/review more often.

Favorite ice cream?
Nik: Coldstone cheese cake with chocolate shavings (not chips or sprinkles), strawberries, and caramel. I think I'm drooling just thinking about it.
Desi: Chocolate. Plain, soft serve chocolate!

That was fun!  Serious! Any more questions?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mommies' Pedis

While we wait for more interview questions (see Facebook.com/MommiesManis), I thought I would share an awesome pedicure experience I had today.

Today, my (Nik's) momma-friend, Marybeth, came over for a weekly-ish play date. Two mommies, a 3 year-old, two 2 year-olds, two 1 year-olds, and an 8 month old all decided to enjoy the fresh air and play in the back yard.

While the kids played nicely, Mb and I thought we should take advantage and paint our toenails.

Polishes used: 

We were both feeling a little lazy so we opted to just paint over what we already had on our toes. Mb used Zoya- Nicole (win!) while I chose LynBDesigns - Sweet Nothing. But then, Spencer chose LynBDesigns - Set Fire to the Rain and Wet N Wild - On a Trip. Why not go big, right? Toe nails are an excellent canvas for creativity.

Zoya-Nicole is a metallic coral color with a little of a marigold shimmer. It's definitely a 2 to 3 coat polish if you don't have a base coat.

I reviewed the LynBDesigns polishes last week, and love them. They're totally bright and have smooth application and great coverage. The Wet N Wild is older, but I love it. It dries super quick and shiny. It's a gorgeous purple. 

Today's process was simple:

We attempted to be secretive about our application, but less than a minute in, our very willing toddler boys decided it was imperative they assist. Who needs fancy salons when you can get quality service in your own backyard? 

They did a fabulous job, no?

Complete with tiny bits of grass and dirt, because, well, textured polish is so in this year.

And, I got a lucky-mama bonus:

Under-the-toe and flip-flop service included!

Even Collin is fond of the job.

Not gonna lie, the most fun pedicures we've ever had.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Frosted Speck - Chirality

I am honored and very excited to be bringing you another set of four reviews! Amanda of Chirality Nail Polish asked me if I would be willing to review the second half of her cereal killer collection!

Of course, I said yes! She was my first sponsored review ever, with the first half of the collection!  So, she was a sweetheart and gifted them to me for my honest review and swatches. 

(http://mommiesmanis.blogspot.com/2013/01/chirality-cereal-color-collection_28.html) I have been excited to show these off ever since she emailed me last week! Like the first half of the set, these have quirky names. I'm going to bet when they are listed on the site they will have some epic descriptions like the last ones.

I'm going to do four installments so each gets its own post. Otherwise it would be pretty photo heavy

Last, but certainly not least, is my surprising favorite (today anyway, haha)....

Frosted Speck!

This is a very delicate pink-nude colored creamy base with pearly white glitters in various shapes and sizes, and also tiny iridescent glitter. By the time I was able to photograph this one, the sunlight was changing as the sun went down and I was very unlucky trying to get the iridescent sparkle. Photog fail day here. Criminy sakes!  That... and I was trying to be stealthy and avoid having to have awkward conversation with my elderly neighbors who were planting tomatoes near my go-to photograph spot. 

But whatever. This polish, I think, is very feminine. I don't generally go for pinks (I notice as I blog and say I don't usually go for certain polishes that I'm stuck in a fit...) but as soon as this went on I knew I wasn't going to take it off right away. It's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I love the glitter. It adds depth as you build it. I did three coats again. It dries well. I didn't fish for glitter or anything. This polish is just marvelous! I am going to need it full size sone day!

Which killer is your favorite?