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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I've got a date with super heroes.

Laugh all you want, but the title is true. Tonight, I'm dating both Spider-Man and Superman!

Okay... Maybe I'm really going to a Go Fish concert with my husband and sons, but kids who dress up like superheroes get a free glow stick. So, I'll be bringing a 2.5 year-old Spider-Man and a 9 month old Superman.

I'm pretty excited, so, I decided to do a superhero inspired manicure for the event. I will not get a glow stock, but I don't need one anyway. I know Collin will share.

The polishes used in this manicure were all purchased by me, with the exception of Daring Digits ( All Peppered Up, which was given to me as a free gift with purchase. 

To begin, my ring finger was painted with two coats Sally Hansen Golden-I. (I lie, the middle was too, but I smudged it and decided to change it...)

My pinky is Zoya Asia.

All other fingers are Savina Caribbean.

I stamped with MASH - 11, stars. Golden-I over Asia, Asia over Golden-I, and Golden-I over Caribbean.

Then, the nails I didn't stamp, I have one coat of All Peppered Up!


My right hand is all Caribbean and All Peppered Up. I took a macro photo, but it's blurry because I couldn't hold still, and I forgot to clean it up, first.