Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I've got a date with super heroes.

Laugh all you want, but the title is true. Tonight, I'm dating both Spider-Man and Superman!

Okay... Maybe I'm really going to a Go Fish concert with my husband and sons, but kids who dress up like superheroes get a free glow stick. So, I'll be bringing a 2.5 year-old Spider-Man and a 9 month old Superman.

I'm pretty excited, so, I decided to do a superhero inspired manicure for the event. I will not get a glow stock, but I don't need one anyway. I know Collin will share.

The polishes used in this manicure were all purchased by me, with the exception of Daring Digits (www.ddpolish.com) All Peppered Up, which was given to me as a free gift with purchase. 

To begin, my ring finger was painted with two coats Sally Hansen Golden-I. (I lie, the middle was too, but I smudged it and decided to change it...)

My pinky is Zoya Asia.

All other fingers are Savina Caribbean.

I stamped with MASH - 11, stars. Golden-I over Asia, Asia over Golden-I, and Golden-I over Caribbean.

Then, the nails I didn't stamp, I have one coat of All Peppered Up!


My right hand is all Caribbean and All Peppered Up. I took a macro photo, but it's blurry because I couldn't hold still, and I forgot to clean it up, first.