Saturday, May 11, 2013

If I Lose Myself - LynBDesigns

I am truly honored, and very excited to bring you a set of four blog posts in which I will feature four BRAND NEW polishes from LynBDesigns.  These were provided to me for my honest
review, and of course, oodles of photos (because I'm a photo addict). 

These four neon polishes are part of a larger collection, to be released on May 15, 2013.

They will be available here:

I was going to put all four polishes into one post, but... I just can't! Or won't... 

First up, I would like to introduce you to "If I Lose Myself."

This is a creamy neon green with a subtle blue shimmer. I decided to try it first because I figured it would be the most difficult to photograph. I was right. The shimmer was shy for the camera, but I think I got it! Also, it is SO BRIGHT that my phone (what I photograph and blog with) was trying to equalize the white balance and was giving me zombie skin. Well, and the sun was misleading and it was pretty frigid outside. But, I persevered and got some great photos, I think.

Review: This goes on like a dream. It's almost like a creamy highlighter or glow stick to me. It dries quick. It has a somewhat satin finish, not high gloss, and I love it! I used two coats over a bright white base. I read somewhere (on Instagram (I'm @goghgreen by the way)) that if you use a white base, neon colors totally pop.  Yup. It's true. It looks a little more lime than blue tinted (as it does in the bottle) with the white base, but it's intensely vivid. I am certain it would glow like crazy under a black light, but I haven't owned one of those in years. I kind of want to now, though.  Anyway, it's super bright, and as is usually the case, my photos do not do it justice! Pardon the few missed clean-up spots and my dry skin.. 

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