Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A gorgeous Silent Night

Today, I bring you a GORGEOUS polish.

It's called "Silent Night" and is by Jindie Nails.





I love this polish. Simple as that. When it arrived, I couldn't help but sit and gaze at it in the bottle.

Well, after my initial shock of the giant hot pink label. That's the one thing I really don't like about the polish. The label, to me, is totally tacky and kind of off-pitting

But heck, fixed that problem. I just took the big one off. I left the name label on the bottom.

I decided to use Essie "Butler Please" for undies (haha) because I hate visible nail lines and didn't want to use globs of this gorgeous blue jelly filled with holographic glitters in many shapes and sizes, so I would have more for future manicures.

It went on mostly easily. The glitters occasionally would clump but that was easy to fix just by brushing again. They lay flat or again, are easily manipulated. The big glitters come out easily too, no fishing!

I used two coats for depth.

I used the crappiest top coat I own because my toddler seems to have hidden my good stuff. So the polish isn't completely smooth in the photos. Thanks, Spencer.

Though I guess I won't complain too much because Collin pooped and I wrecked three nails changing his diaper.

Anyway, these photos are pretty representative of the real life color and what not, but of course, don't do it justice. In person, it's even better. I'd say a bit mystical feeling, dreamy... Full of depth.

Everyone probably needs this polish. Even with the obnoxious label!

Edit: Spencer, my aforementioned toddler, loves the moons and stars in this polish!


  1. Oh my goodness! Great job! I may have to use these for the listing :)! Thanks love!