Monday, January 28, 2013

Chirality - The Cereal Killer Collection

Chirality Nail Polish is one of the very first indie brands I discovered. I honestly can't even recall how I found it, but I "liked" the brand after I saw swatches of "the Symbiote." Now, I recall! I saw a review when I was googling giveaways a few months ago!

Anyway,when I fell in love with that polish, our family was in a crazy tight spot financially, where we are still trying to recover. So, I have been constantly admiring that polish and hoping to someday call a bottle my own.

I saw on the site that bloggers could contact and give their info and maybe some day do a review of a polish from the line.

And what do you know? I was fortunate to be chosen. This is my very first official review!

Cereal Killers is the new line. Amanda sent me the first four to test and give my thoughts and share photos. The names make me giggle. But, they do remind me cereal. Well, if cereal was sparkly and floating in a tiny jar of milk.

I was lucky enough to be awake before my boys and I tried all four. Overall, they are excellent! Application was smooth and hassle free. I didn't have to fish for glitter once! The glitters all laid smoothly and flush with the nail and when dry didn't even need a topcoat. They didn't snag on the fleece or flannel blankets I tested on! They didn't take long to dry, either, and as far as glitter goes, removed pretty easily too.

I used two coats of each. They each nearly covered the blue stains on my thumbs completely!

Pictures will be at the end, as I am writing this from my phone.

Each consists of various size matte hex glitters in a single colors, tiny glitters in that color, and some scattered holographic bits. I wish this phone could have captured them better! They're so fun!

Special BTK is red. It went on easily and the reds totally pop visually! It's bright and cheery and my second favorite of the four.

Raisin Gein is purple. There are a few different shades in the polish. I don't know if its really the case, but it seemed like this has a little less glitter than the others. It wasn't a problem and just an observation that may be incorrect. I think this one feels calmer or more muted and subtle than the rest. It's very pretty!

Blue is Bundy Berries. This was my favorite! It had the perfect amount of glitter in each coat, for me anyway, and the bright blue is spectacular! It's not cobalt, but bright. It's a visually stunning color! My two-year old liked it quite a bit too and asked to see my fingers and was in my business while I photographed. Haha.

Dahmer Crunch is the black one. This one made me want to call and beg Dairy Queen to find someone to deliver me an Oreo blizzard. That's what it reminded of, immediately. This one was packed full of black glitters. I don't know, agAin, if its the case but it seemed like it had the most glitter in it of the four. Not a complaint, of course. Because of the stark black and white contrast, I would call it the most "daring" of the four.

Overall, five stars! I think these would work best layered over a white or nude base and would hide visible nail lines that way. They were nearly opaque though, two coats over nothing. And had I used top coat they would have been crazy smooth and shiny. They were great without it even!

I think these are fab. They can be found (along with the Symbiote that I long for) here:

And now, my photos. Pardon the lack of clean-up detailing.

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  1. Kinda cute, I am going to have to try. Im not a big fan of in polish glitters but you gave it a pretty good review so I will have to try...... Thanx