Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Buoyfriend + Jamberry

Woah. I think this is my first blog in months! (This is Nik, by the way!) As you may or may not know, I had a baby girl in April, so things have been a little crazy around here with a 3.5 year-old-boy, 1.5 year-old-boy, and a one month old girl.

I did find time to do matching Mommy & Me pedicures last week though, We used a mini OPI Strawberry Margarita that Desi sent us!

But that is all an aside, and not the real focus of this post.

One of my August Momma friends (from a group I meant while pregnant with Collin in 2012) started selling Jamberry Nail wraps, and she sent me a sample! I guess that makes this a partial-sponsored post.

I couldn't wait to use it, so I dug through my polish box and found the perfect match for the sample she sent- Sinful Colors "My Buoyfriend."

That blue is GORGEOUS. The formula is wonderful. It really coated perfectly in one coat, but then I smudged my nails changing a diaper (go figure) so I added a second coat.

So, the Jamberry Wrap. It was easy to apply, which is great, and took all of about one minute. The sample was enough for two accent nails. Unfortunately, my particular sample was on the small side, so it was a little small for my pinky nails. 

I tried it on my left hand over a bare nail and over a freshly painted nail on my right hand. I noticed no difference in ease of use.

Fast forward four days...

The wraps are pretty darn durable, which is great on my somewhat flimsy nails. I did approximately 4 loads of hand-washed dishes each day, played outside, and changed a million diapers. They didn't chip or tear.

Today, I am sad to report, I am removing my manicure. Each of my painted nails are super chipped. And it's been hot and muggy here this week and I noticed the wraps slide with pressure so my left nail was getting crooked, but was easy to slide back. My right nail however, is a lost cause. The wrap slid nearly off at the park this morning and when I slid it back, it loosened the polish and peeled away. I guess I don't recommend applying over polish even though they say you can.

Jamberry Nails wraps run for $15 a sheet on the regular, and I am told you can do multiple full manicures (or pedicures) with them!

My friend started her new business at:

Someday, when I have some extra cash (not on maternity leave), I would like to buy some more. I probably won't use th during muggy season though. Not sure.

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