Monday, July 29, 2013

Ellagee - Get Away From Her, You B*#@€!

The third and final polish that Laura of ellagee sent me to review is finally swatched! I had broken a nail on my swatching hand and had to patch it. Can you tell which?

Anyway, this and all other ellagee polishes can be purchased at:

Today, I bring you Get Away from Her, You B----!

As described on the site:

Get Away From Her, You B----! is a green jelly base glow in the dark with a lighter green glass fleck shimmer. Inspired by the colors of the Alien movie poster and named for Ripley's fight with the queen alien in the final scene of Aliens.

I will be upfront, my glow in the dark photos suck. I don't know if my camera just didn't like trying to pick up the green or what, but I PROMISE YOU, this polish glows. In fact, I fell asleep waiting for it to fade, and it glowed at least 20 minutes.

Like the others, the base is fabulous and needed no shaking or anything. It went on like a dream. It dried super fast, which was impressive, because I put three coats over two coats Greenwich Village by OPI.

I left it without topcoat because I liked the semi-gloss finish. It looks so quirky and made me think of mermaid fins!

It glows green. I am so disappointed in my photographs!

It was definitely my favorite of the trio!

Be sure to head to and check out all of the beautiful polishes that are offered!

Thanks again, Laura, for choosing me to review. 

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