Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jamberry Review Part 2

I don't think I gave Jamberry Nails a fair review last time. I mean.. I did, because I posted my honest experience and feelings, but I'm here to do a part two.

I won a "pedi pack" at the online party I was a part of, where I received the sample I tried last post. I decided to give it another shot on my fingernails because my toes looked fine. Haha. 

This time, I am delighted to report that I've had the wraps on three nails for almost an entire week. They are not lifting, sliding, or even showing tip wear. 

        ^ Day 1- paired with Zoya -Jacy

I've done countless dishes and diaper changes. I've sewn and played in the sand. My fingers have been nibbled on by ducks, goats, and sheep. I chewed on them just to test them.

They're still pristine.

^ Day 6.5 - paired with Zoya - Rocky

Love them.

I'm hosting an online party, through 12:00am CST, Thursday night (tomorrow is the last full day of my party).

They are buy 3 get 1 free. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. You can do multiple manicures and/or pedicures with each set. They're super easy to apply.

Check them out! And if you decide to order before my party closes, use this link: 

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