Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ellagee - Redshirt

Today, I will share with you the second if the three mini polishes that Laura if Ellagee so kindly sent me for review.

All of the ellagee polishes can be purchased at-

Let me introduce you to Redshirt.

As described on the website:

Redshirt is a clear base with small red, black, and gold hex glitters. Inspired by those unfortunate souls in the red shirts on the crew of the Enterprise.

I decided to layer one coat of ellagee -Redshirt  over two coats Zoya - Mira. I don't know what inspired me to do the fun red and purple combo, but afterward, I imagined it was a great look for the Red Hat Society ladies. Haha. That said, I really like it!

I had issues being selective with photos, so... You get to see almost all of them that I took today.

This glitter polish went on awesomely. I only needed one quick coat and it had very even and glitter-loaded coverage. It dried quickly and pretty smooth considering the load of glitter on the nail. I did give it a top coat for added gloss.

Oh yeah, and as I mentioned yesterday, the base she uses is thick and it required no shaking or swirling at all! I LOVE that.

I have no complaints on this polish. I think I would like to wear it over a cobalt blue or black also! 


  1. I think this polish would look awesome over cobalt blue! I love the story behind the name, that's awesome. Your macro shots are super stunning!

  2. Looks great! Thanks so much <3