Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Matte, Faceted Kelly

Nik here! Before I share my current mani I thought I might give a quick introduction.

I'm a 29 year-old mom if two boys, Spencer (26 months) and Collin (4 months). I am a stay-at-home-mom who recently started her own small, at home business named after my two boys: Spenk & Ollie Creations). I love to cook, see, write, draw, sing, take photos, play guitar, and... Paint my nails.

I met Desi online over a decade ago. She is one of my few BFFs, even though she lives across the country and we haven't met in person, yet.

We share a love of lacquers/polishes, and talk about them often, sending each other pictures via text. Thought we would share with everyone here (and Facebook/Twitter). We love all sorts of polishes, name brand, drugstore, and are falling in love with the indie world.

Our photos won't always be the best, often taken with phones, but we will try to display our nails the best we can, give reviews and tips on our polishes, and hope to maybe make a few friends in the process.

Now, my current mani. I whipped this together yesterday in a hurry while my boys were content. It features one coat of Zoya - Kelly, one coat Sinful Colors - Faceted, a anti-chip top coat by Sally Hansen (red bottle, I forget the name but will find it), and NYC matte top coat.

I recently fell back in love with glitter. And even more when I cover it in matte top coat.

Zoya - Kelly is a smoky gray/blurple (blue-purple). It is rated 5 on their opacity scale, and I tell you what- it covered in one generous coat! I grabbed it from my stash for that reason knowing I didn't have a lot of time. It's so creamy when you apply it! Love! This was my first time using it.

I topped it with Sinful Colors - Faceted, which was also a first time use. It's a glitter combo of duo tone teal-chartreuse (my son loves that word and it was the first color he could verbally identify) bars and blurple micro glitters. It went on easily and dried pretty quickly.

My top coat dries polish to the touch in less than a minute, and later, during nap, I matted it.


Thoughts? Comments? Any questions for me about... Whatever? Haha.

I will leave you with a few photos and a few links!

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