Thursday, January 17, 2013

When a toddler picks your polish...

I was ready to change my polish last night, as I frequently find to be the case, but was indecisive as to how to do my nails.

So, as with all major decisions I make, I decided to ask Spencer, my two-year-old (totally kidding, he doesn't decide... Or at least I don't generally give credence to his opinion).

Me- "Spencer, what color should I paint my nails?"
Spencer- "Blue! Yellow! Green! Purple!"

This kid knows a lot of colors...

Good choices though, little buddy.

I added pink to make a total of five, and then decided it would be a perfect opportunity to show off a funky indie glitter- Social Suicide by Different Dimension (http://different It's a black and white matte glitter.

Generally, I wear it over gray.

Well, this time, my nails feel a bit old school nineties.

Meet a Sinful Colors Social Suicide.

Thumb- Savage
Pointer- Folly
Middle- Pull Over
Ring- Amethyst
Pinky- Exotic Green

All covered with my favorite Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Anti-Chip top coat.

My nails are a little crazier than normal but Spencer LOVES them and tells me the colors frequently. Good times.

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