Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zoya "Skylar"

I've always been drawn to blue nail polishes. The color makes up a great majority of my 100+ polish collection and I own several different shades among various brands. Today's manicure is "Skylar" by Zoya and it is part of their Spring 2012 collection. The website describes Skylar as a medium steel blue. It also has a gorgeously subtle silver & gold shimmer. (It reminds me of Pooh's forlorn friend, Eeyore.) Today was my first time using Skylar and I think I have a new favorite polish!

I'd hoped to get a better quality picture with my Kodak camera today, but the Kodak didn't agree, as it refused to power on for me. So, another dubious-quality iPhone photo it is!

If you've never tried Zoya, please do! Be sure to follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook to get information on their frequent amazing deals!

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  1. It's beautiful! And I like your shirt color too.