Monday, January 28, 2013

I've joined the circus!

I can't believe I am blogging another manicure today. But, I am. My boys have both been a bit lethargic and sleepy and so I have had more time than usual here and there.

I found the best polish in the world. Or one of them, anyway.

Polish TBH- Circus.

One of my favorite color combos is turquoise/teal and red.

And what do you know? Circus is that beautiful combination in a easy to apply manicure. It's a dusty turquoise color (medium dark with a bit of a smoky feel that my phone turned a tish brighter than real life, but not too much), with small red hex glitter. It's gorgeous in the bottle, and even more so on the nails. Ooh, and it feels kind of rich with a little gold shimmer that my phone picked up on slightly. If you have seen OPI- I Have a Herring Problem, it's kind if similar to that in a base, but a little more green hue I think, and a bit richer in color.

The red glitter is perfect, I think. Excellently balanced so as to not be crazy overwhelming and flashy, but leaving simple, random dots of cheery red on the nail.

I used two coats.

Yes, in fact, it is as if this polish were created specifically for me. I need to win the lottery and buy a bunch so I have it forever!

You can find this, and more, at or search facebook for Polish TBH.

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