Thursday, January 24, 2013

Silver circles.

Last night, using my phone as a flashlight so I could sneak downstairs without Spencer noticing and following and not letting me come back upstairs, I dropped my phone in water.

It's fine now.

Without said phone to occupy my night without my husband (working late), what was I to do but redo my nails...

Hey, it was a good excuse to play with my new stamping plates!

I decided after much deliberation to do gray based stamping. I chose two that seem nearly identical to me, wondering how it would turn out.

I chose Zoya (my favorite) Harley & Carey. They are very similar in shade. They are both a light/medium gray. Harley is a tish lighter and has shimmer.

I painted all but the accent nail with Harley as a base, (two coats each nail) and was going to do a double reverse accent again like my pink and red, but in the dim light you couldn't really see Harley over Carey.

So, I redid the ring finger to match the rest with Harley as the base. I chose a circles design that covers the full nail and stamped Carey over all 10 fingers. I liked it! The stamping was subtle, but awesome. I added my Sally Hansen Insta-Dry so I could go get a beverage.

In full natural light, I LOVE this manicure. There's more contrast than I thought, but it's still subtle. I think it's a winner! I love the shimmer beneath the barely darker circles. It looks even better in person!

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