Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pink and Red and Lacy Stamping! What?!

I'm hiding from my boys as I sit on the steps listening to them play happily. I bet it will last threes muted, so I will make this quick.

I'm not a girls girl. I rarely paint my nails pink. Dark red, not bright red, if red at all. I guess an occasional magenta is used or some bold other red pink hue... But definitely not pale pink. Not often.

Introducing my pink and bright red manicure, with a floral/leafy/swirly stamp on two accent nails in reverse fashion. I splurged on myself and used a bit of my new business profit to buy a set of MASH stamping plates. LOVE them! I couldn't decide what to stamp, so I made Desi do the final selection!

Zoya Gewenth is a creamy bright red that's a little on the cooler side of the color spectrum. Covered my blue stained thumb in two coats. Portia is the light pink. Also creamy. Took two full coats to cover.

Portia is my kind of pale pink, I decided, and I would have no issue wearing it plain. It's pale, but a bit dusty, a bit mauve. It's not Pepto pink. Not bubble gum. Not baby. I just can't do those colors. Nope. I've tried. They last a few hours and then they have to leave.

Portia didn't stamp very opaque over Gweneth, but I kind of love it that way. Had I not been nervous that I would wreck my other nails continuing to stamp (because the first four went on quick and wonderfully I was certain the odds were against me), I might have done them all.

But, here you have it, my girly stamping adventure that I ended up living. Might top coat it and preserve it a few days.

Scratch that. I won't. I want to try more stamps soon. Haha.

And... Cue Ollie fussing.

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