Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Savina Nail Color?

For the past few months, when I do my Sunday grocery shopping trips, I look at nail color. I almost always take a gander while shopping at Target or Wal-Mart, but generally... not at the grocery store. I actually didn't think about it at all, but one weekend I was grocery shopping and taking my dear sweet time and decided to go up and down every aisle just to prolong my trip and stay away from our house as long as I could without having to waste has going to another location.


I came across the very few polishes that they carry at the Hy-Vee closest to my house (the one across town a bit carries others, like Nabi, Sally Hansen, and a random handful of OPI). I had never heard of them, though I thought the name sounded pretty.


They had a few pretty colors inspired by New Orleans, I guess, but I didn't buy any.

Two weeks ago, while shopping, after seeing them repeatedly, they were on sale. They were two for $2. I decided, what the heck, since I had saved nine dollars switching from a flat rate box to priority mail when sending my sister her birthday quilt, I would "splurge."

Brought them home and forgot about them until I was doing the holo series.

Today, I am sporting "Caribbean." It's a cobalt blue color. As I had never heard of the brand before I didn't know what to expect.

It went on like a dream. Full coverage in two coats though it was so close to perfect in one. I can't speak for the while line, so I don't know if that's typical or just a color thing. It dried very quick and highly glossy!

Of course, I totally forgot to use a base coat (fail) so we will see if it stains.

It smells a bit more than some of my polishes, though. Normally this would bother me, but I opened the window a bit since its s nice warm 34 degrees today.

And I waived my fingers close to my eye hoping to get it to water like crazy and get whatever has been stuck under my eyelid for three hours out. Didn't work. That's a totally different subject.

I tried to google and see if I could find any real info on it, but couldn't. The website listed on the bottom label apparently doesn't exist anymore? I thought it was kind of peculiar.

I then broke out one if my beloved glitter polishes (designed for/after my not so beloved Fergie... Yucky), Wet N Wild: Fergie Collection - Hollywood Walk of Fame, and did an accent nail.

This glitter is awesome. It's a clear base with a few tiny holographic micro glitters, tiny holographic bars (just a few), and various holographic stars in aqua, silver, gold, pink, and purple. I generally wear matte top coat over it, but left it today. I need to get another bottle though. Mine is half empty! I also need polish thinner be a use its starting to get a little thick.

Anyway, I used it and got two stars, which is a perfect amount I think, on each nail.

And it's pretty.

And I didn't get to clean up before taking photos because Collin was waking and I figured I would mar the manicure making lunch so I just took the photos quick.

The end- except photos.

Anyone else heard of the brand or tried it?

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