Saturday, February 9, 2013

Daring Digits - More Dots

The other day, Daring Digits caught my attention. I ordered four minis. Today, they arrived, with a 5th mini free (her special treat with every February order).

You can check out her stock and order at:

I was so giddy! These bottles are adorable! I think it's because they are small and square.

And they have cute little handwritten labels on the bottom, including numbered limited edition numbers (two I ordered are #1).

After much deliberation, I decided the first I would try would be "More Dots."

This polish is a black jelly with multiple-colored round glitter. I love that the glitter is round because I feel like you don't see it often in polishes.

I decided that, instead of trying to build to opacity and use up a lot of polish (because its a mini bottle), I would later it. I used Sally Hansen "Black Out" and on my middle and ring fingernails, I used Zoya "Storm." I wanted to see what you could see through the black jelly.

I love how this mani turned out. It's funky and fresh, I think, and the glitters really pop! There aren't too many to be hard to focus on or overwhelm me, but a nice sprinkling if them on each nail.

Application was smooth and they dry well. I used my Ol' Sally Hansen Anti-Chip top coat. They're so glossy!

The black jelly definitely mutes the holographic like sparkle in "Storm" but you can still see it. I ran outside quick to take a few photos, and to the eye, the dark sparkle beneath is gorgeous in person!

My only complaint is the polish has a funky smell. I don't know if its a jelly polish thing or what. It's not horrid, but it kind if lingers and just smelled...different. But, polish smells, so whatever. Haha.

Love this polish!

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