Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nik's Own Polish- Elephantastic

A few months ago, when my family was in midst of the worst part of our financial crisis, I had discovered nail polish on etsy. I thought it was so cool that people could actually MAKE nail polish at home. It intrigued me. There were many shops there but I couldn't really purchase any.

I was a but bummed about it, but didn't let it get let it get me down. Instead, I googled how to do it.

I found a simple method to make pigmented polish (not glitters because at the time that's not what I really liked as much) that involved clear top coat and crushed eye shadow.

So easy.

So fun!

My husband laughed as I set up station in the kitchen and broke out five bottles of cheap top coat that I had on hand, because fit some reason over the past I had over purchased thinking I was probably out.

Three of the five that I made, or maybe four of the five, I forget, were made with $0.97 Wet N Wild top coat.

Yes, I made five. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to create other than a blue and a grayish purple, but I had do much fun I also made a dark mauve/red, forest type green, and a gold/orange color. Apparently I either lost the orange one or gave it to my sister, because I couldn't find it for the photo below. In the photo the one I am wearing is the only one I shook and left the others separated so you could see what I was talking about.

I used super cheap eye shadow compacts from Walgreens that I went and bought with spare change. I think they were but one get one free at $0.99.

Today, I decided to wear the gray-purple color. I made it thinking about elephants and how mysterious their color is to me. I call it "Elephantastic."

These homemade colors are not only fun to create, but they work really well. I put quite a bit of pigment (crushed shadow) in each bottle so they are all opaque in 1-2 coats. They dry to a satiny shimmer, but with top coat are quite shiny.

They dry really quick! I was nervous, for some silly reason, that they would wash off or something, but they really don't. Just to be safe, I usually wear top coat (matte or glossy).

When the polishes sit, they tend to separate (see photo), but shaking them up a bit solves the problem, no sweat.

Anyone else ever made polish colors at home?

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  1. Your frankens are wonderful! that Elephantastic is gorgeous!!! I have nominated y'all for the versatile blogger award. now i know there's two of DOUBLE AWARD! anyways, it's to help spread the word of newer blogs.. please see my post for more info!