Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello, Holo! Part III

Today, I bring you my last section of my three part review on Mentality- Holo Top Coat.

I didn't realize the camera lens on my phone was dirty until a but ago, but as Murphy (as in the law) would have it, as soon as I thought I was pretty much done, my 5 month old needed a diaper and it destroyed two nails that weren't completely set.

Ah well.

My overall thoughts on this top coat are positive. I live that it dries quickly and is very smooth to the touch. You don't red an additional top coat unless you are looking for a high gloss finish.

While there is some "silvering" of the base color because the top coat is not pigmented and the glitter stuff is silvery by nature, if you were covering the entire nail, as opposed to the half coverage I have been showing, it wouldn't be very noticeable. It works great over all colors, and is a great price with shipping included!


If you aren't a "hardcore" holo fanatic, and/or are unsure you want to invest in many color holo polishes or just want to try and experiment, then this top coat is definitely for you. The holo is crazy prominent, though I suspect, comparing my photos to others I have seen online, it's a little muted compared to colored holographic polishes. And that suits me perfect!

Left hand, thumb to pinky:
Sinful Colors - snow me white
Zoya - Carey
Zoya - Tao
Zoya - Shawn
Sally Hansen - black out

Right hand, thumb to pinky:
OPI - over the taupe
Revlon - fall mood
OPI - Didn't You'Ear about Van Gogh
OPI - Suzi loves cowboys
NYC - Fifth Ave

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