Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello, Holo! Part II

Yesterday, I went ahead and did another quick ten colors to show with Mentality's Holo Top Coat.

You can purchase Mentality polish below, you will have to copy and paste the link. She includes shipping in the price!

For my full commentary on the top coat, see Hello, Holo! Part I by clicking on our blog header and scrolling down a bit.

Yesterday was FREEZING and I had a ton to do (-9 when I started and I needed to work on supper for our evening play date with a friend and her three little boys), so I whipped these quickly together. You will see on a few that the polishes weren't completely dry when I taped. But, yesterday was sunny, and I wanted to run outside super fast before I would freeze and take a few sunlight photos.

Again, cell phone photos don't show the true holographic flare in all it's glory, but it was a little better to take them in full sun!

Left Hand, thumb to pinky:
Savina - Caribbean
Sinful Colors - Savage
Nicole by OPI - Deck the Dolls
Nicole by OPI - KlhoƩ had a Little Lam Lam (really dark teal)
Sinful Colors - Cinderella

Right hand, thumb to pinky:
Zoya - Wednesday
Sinful Colors - Rise & Shine
Sinful Colors - Exotic Green
Sinful Colors - Innocent
Sinful Colors - Unicorn

I'm skipping the manicure today because its freezing and cloudy, and leaving on what I did after these, Zoya - Tao with Mentality's Holo Top Coat on all but the accent nail.

Happy February!

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