Monday, February 11, 2013

Daring Digits - Mage

Pretty! This polish is SO pretty! When the light hits it, your nails look like they have been sprinkled with tiny jewels. Really.

Though my bottle is stinky.

Fear not, though, as I read on her Facebook page she is switching to a less strong smelling base. So, when she opens her website back up, you probably don't have to worry about it.

I opened up all of my polishes that I received and they all have this strong odor which makes it really hard to use then during a closed-window wintry day. I've got a bit of a headache and suspect the boys probably don't like it much either. Though, I also haven't had caffeine yet.

That aside, today, I bring you Mage by Daring Digits. It's a purple jelly polish with multiple size and color metallic glitters and some beautiful shimmer. I am wearing it over one coat of Grape by Savina.

It applies well, but not as easily and smoothly as More Dots did. The glitters in this one, at least my bottle, stuck to the brush a little more and didn't spread as easily. I think it's because of their shape. I can't tell, but they might not be flat. I am thinking that because they look three dimensional up close.

I put on one coat if top coat, but it needs another to be really smooth. It might be my cheap LA Colors Top Coat.

My photos don't show the true beauty of this polish but it's another wintry cold day full of cloudy skies.

The "cons" aside, this polish is gorgeous. If you like purple and you like glitter, this polish should be in your stash!

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