Monday, February 25, 2013

My prize polishes!

Thanks, An Accent Nail, for this prize!

I entered a massive giveaway hosted by two other nail bloggers, Lace and Lacquers (www.laceandlacquers) and Naked Without Polish ( back in January. I was beyond surprised to receive an email saying I was one of 40 winners!

My prize arrived today. OPI - DS Mystery and Finger Paints - Flecked.

Had to swatch them together really quick. Of course, I did an accent nail with the Finger Paints. Seemed appropriate given the blogger who donated my prize!

The OPI is a.... Black... Or crazy dark purple.... Polish with gold shimmer. It's pretty! Looks black or brown or something in the bottle but the first coat of polish seemed purple or so... Regardless. It's pretty!

I used two coats of the Finger Paints on my accent nail. The flecks are green and blue in the light. Also pretty.

Not sure about the combo together but I had five minutes to try and run out in the sun before Spencer finished his lunch!

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