Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Have a Herring Problem, Gene.

Just a quick post from me today. Collin has a double ear infection and woke me up at five this morning... So I'm exhausted. But... I had my Zoya - Gemma manicure on from Friday until this morning.

Today, I'm wearing OPI - I Have a Herring Problem. I love this polish. It covers in two coats and has a beautiful shimmer.

Then, I decided to try out Daring Digits (www.ddpolish.com) - Gemma. It is a gorgeous glitter polish.

From the website (because I can't describe this one nearly as well):
Gene is a galaxy polish with gold and copper flakies pink and rainbow flakies and a green teal shimmer! Amazing in different light. Show here 2 coats over a dark purple polish. This polish is a tribute to the amazing Gene Roddenberry, the creator of one of my favorite franchises Star Trek.

This polish went on evenly and smoothly. It dried very fast! I haven't even put on a top coat because it goes on so smoothly. If only my photos could have captured its dimension better. I think I need an iPhone macro lens.

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