Monday, May 13, 2013

Frosted Speck - Chirality

I am honored and very excited to be bringing you another set of four reviews! Amanda of Chirality Nail Polish asked me if I would be willing to review the second half of her cereal killer collection!

Of course, I said yes! She was my first sponsored review ever, with the first half of the collection!  So, she was a sweetheart and gifted them to me for my honest review and swatches. 

( I have been excited to show these off ever since she emailed me last week! Like the first half of the set, these have quirky names. I'm going to bet when they are listed on the site they will have some epic descriptions like the last ones.

I'm going to do four installments so each gets its own post. Otherwise it would be pretty photo heavy

Last, but certainly not least, is my surprising favorite (today anyway, haha)....

Frosted Speck!

This is a very delicate pink-nude colored creamy base with pearly white glitters in various shapes and sizes, and also tiny iridescent glitter. By the time I was able to photograph this one, the sunlight was changing as the sun went down and I was very unlucky trying to get the iridescent sparkle. Photog fail day here. Criminy sakes!  That... and I was trying to be stealthy and avoid having to have awkward conversation with my elderly neighbors who were planting tomatoes near my go-to photograph spot. 

But whatever. This polish, I think, is very feminine. I don't generally go for pinks (I notice as I blog and say I don't usually go for certain polishes that I'm stuck in a fit...) but as soon as this went on I knew I wasn't going to take it off right away. It's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I love the glitter. It adds depth as you build it. I did three coats again. It dries well. I didn't fish for glitter or anything. This polish is just marvelous! I am going to need it full size sone day!

Which killer is your favorite?

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