Monday, May 13, 2013

Gacy Charms - Chirality

I am honored and very excited to be bringing you another set of four reviews! Amanda of Chirality Nail Polish asked me if I would be willing to review the second half of her cereal killer collection!

Of course, I said yes! She was my first sponsored review ever, with the first half of the collection! So, the polishes wet given to me in exchange for my honest review and swatches. ( I have been excited to show these off ever since she emailed me last week! Like the first half of the set, these have quirky names. I'm going to bet when they are listed on the site they will have some epic descriptions like the last ones.

I'm going to do four installments so each gets its own post. Otherwise it would be pretty photo heavy!

Up first, I'll be showing you Gacy Charms.

This is the most "wild" of the four, if you ask me. It's not really my style, but it's really fun and very creative. It's modeled after a very... charming cereal. Haha.

It's got a milky white base, tiny green glitter, and a bunch if shapes and colored glitters to boot (hearts, stars, crescents, flowers, circles, bars, maybe more...). It's LOADED. 

It applies well, though its very packed with glitter so it seems a little thick. its really not, its just a lot if glitters. The glitters are big, so on small round nails like mine they seem a little chunky. Two coats of top coat smoothed them over. The first two coats dried quickly, the third stayed tacky a while because by then I had built it pretty thick to test the opacity. It was opaque, more or less, by the three coats. It definitely has the feeling of a bright, marshmallow-y cereal in milk. 

Overall, it's fun if you like colorful and unique polishes! Like I said, it's not my general style, but I would definitely recommend it!

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  1. I think this one is my favorite. I like how colorful it is. Except I worry I would want to lick my fingers all the time.