Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Love Notes, Bug Juice, & Smamfa - GG Couture

Today, I will show you three gorgeous polishes I worked with GG Couture to create. 

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Each of the three polishes had fabulous application and dry time. No need for fishing out glitter!

First, Love Notes. This was inspired by this photo:
I took the photo. Don't steal it. 

I layered two coats of Love Notes over a beige base.

Second is Smamfa. This one is named after my younger sister's nickname, created for her. It's her favorite colors and made to match a quilt I created her. 

I used two coats of Smamfa over a medium gray base.

I also painted the underside of my nails red.

The third polish was created for my youngest sister, and it shares her nickname, Bug Juice. It is her favorite colors, and again, matches the quilt I made her.

I wore three coats over white.

They all smell divine.

Aren't they fabulous?!

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