Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lonely Boy - LynBDesigns

I am truly honored, and very excited to bring you a set of four blog posts in which I will feature four BRAND NEW polishes from LynBDesigns.  These were provided to me for my honest review, and of course, oodles of photos (because I'm a photo addict). 

These four neon polishes are part of a larger collection, to be released on May 15, 2013. There are four other polishes that will be part of the collection. There will be 8 total.

They will be available here:

I was going to put all four polishes into one post, but... I just can't! Or won't... 

The final polish from the set I was given is called "Lonely Boy." It's my favorite of them all, I think.

This is a creamy neon cobalt blue with an assortment of glitters. My assessment is that there are holographic squares and large hexes, some holographic shreds, black shreds, and maybe some white ones? It's so creamy it's hard to tell in the bottle, but I think that's part of the fun!

Review: This is so creamy and rich. I used two coats over a bright white base. I read somewhere (on Instagram (I'm @goghgreen by the way)) that if you use a white base, neon colors totally pop.  Yup. It's true. 

The glitters disperse well, but the large hexes are a bit stubborn and would require a bit of fishing if you were wanting them on every nail, I think. I had two on my left hand, total. The blue is pretty darn opaque, so even though there are glitters that are holographic, the photos didn't pick it up very well at all. But don't let that fool you: in person you can tell they are there! I'm kind of sad I didn't really catch the color flares, but I promise they are visible when wearing it! The glitters also lay flush to the nail and didn't seem to clump when I applied, which was great! I think it's the creamy formula, but I'm totally guessing.

The blue is so vivid it's incredible. If you've seen Essie - Butler Please, it's a neon version if hat, basically. It's fantastic. I LOVE it.

Shown below is in natural outdoor light, both shade and the sun, and one under my wall sconce. Pardon the marred tip of my pointer finger. I dropped something on the driveway and scratched it picking it up. Should have used my other hand!

So... which of these four do you like best?

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