Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bottle Pop!

Today's post I would call "partially sponsored" as this polish was a gift with a purchase I made.

It's "Bottle Pop!" By GG Couture Nail Lacquer.

When I opened the polish, I was initially unsure of it. It's a hit pink jelly with silver bar glitter. I'm an admitted anti-bar glitter lady, and pink isn't my favorite color.

And yet, as I swirled it in my hands, it grew on me. I own nothing like it because of the aforementioned, so I was excited to try it after all.

Since I decided to give this atypical-Nik polish a try, I figured I would go all put and skip the undies. Hahahaha.

So, I bring you three coats of "Bottle Pop!"

I ended up quite liking it. As yesterday's post mentioned about Gabrielle's scented polishes, they aren't make-you-sick-like-n-elevator-full-if-perfume-doused-women strong. Light, delicate, and wonderful.

The hot pink is actually a color I think looks fun on my nails. Go figure. And the silver bars gave me no issues whatsoever, no curling, disperse well, and with three layers, I don't think they look... awkward, like I usually do.

So, I'm sold. I apologize for ore-judging pink and bars. I will try to give them a fair chance in the future.


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