Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I love this color!

This color is brought to us by Wonder Beauty Products.

It's called Aphrodisiac. I'm copying this directly from her listing to describe:
"A subtle, but potent mixture of mood making minty asparagus green crelly base with a tinge of teal embellished with green, iridescence, gold, orange and turquoise glitter effects. "

I had been eyeing this color for a while, and then she had a sale... So... I treated myself (after I donated nearly all of my Spenk & Ollie proceeds to a charitable cause). I've vowed to stop buying for a while.

Side note: she sells polish making kits and I want one BAD.

Okay, so this polish came, along with a sample gift of "Cherries Jubilee." I haven't tried that one yet.

I decided today was THE day I was going to wear this polish. I slapped... Er... Painted two coats of nude undies (haha, that still makes me giggle) and then two glorious coats of Aphrodisiac. It went on so easily. So smooth. Glitter dispersed excellently and required no manipulation or fishing. I think this polish would have been opaque in three coats, but I wanted to save more for later. I'm like that. I'm an undies girl. (Bwahahaha no commando here! (Note: I'm sleep deprived and my two year old didn't nap today.))

Dries nicely. I used one coat of anti-chip top coat and its smooth like a Tommy-Tippee sippy cup (the smooth kind)).

I love this polish! It's so gorgeous! To me it gives off a vintage or retro feel. I'm thinking old melmac dinner wear or turquoise appliances. I LOVE it. Love!

My only critique that's not 100% positive is the name. It's pretty and sensual and all that, but good golly I would not want to answer my little sister (or daughter if I had one) when she asks, "What's 'aphrodisiac' mean?" Well, unless I just said, "something that gets you really excited." Hmm. Okay, so maybe it's not so bad after all.

Now, I want a polish making kit, the Chantilly polish, and maybe a few more.

Some day, when I allow myself to shop again.

Now, enjoy a plethora of photos, as I couldn't decide which to trash. Most are straight out of the camera except for watermark. Guess I was having a lucky lighting day!


  1. I am picturing your future daughter raising her hand in class and being like, "When Mommy told me we were going to the circus, it was like an aphrodisiac!"

  2. Wowsers! I've never heard of them but I'm so checking the shop out now. Aphrodisiac is gorgeous!