Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Time to Pretend, Follow!

This post is... partially sponsored, I guess you could say? Both of these polishes were gifts with my purchase from other polishes. Polishes from these lines can be purchased at the following sites.

Sorry, again, I blog from an iPhone app that doesn't allow me to hot link.

Today's manicure is comprised of GG Couture Nail Lacquer's"Time to Pretend" and Daring Digits "Follow."

First off, "Time to Pretend," is a yummy shimmery pumpkin color. It really reminds me of pumpkin pie. When I first unwrapped it, I thought "Yum!" Haha. I have no polish this shade in my collection, which is a bonus.

It is amazing. I was unsure how it would look against my skin tone, but I really like it. It's got a brown undertone, I think.

This polish honestly was completely opaque with no streaking or thin spots in one coat.


You don't run into that often, in my experience. That means the bottle should last twice as long, right? It went on so beautifully. Luscious, I think. Ah! And it dried well.

Oh, and it smells like a dream! That's right, it's scented!

Now, I was not sure about the entire scented idea, because I have three Revlon scented nail colors that are fruity and bright and kind of nauseating so I only ever use them on my toes. But, after talking with Gabrielle, I wanted to try the scented polishes she makes. I'm glad I did. It's not overpowering at all. My eyes have yet to water. No headache. It's subtle, but lovely. This polish is plumeria scented. I believe it's an "as you wish" type situation.

Also, I love her labels. They're coated, which is superb, so light moisture doesn't blur then, and they're black and silver. Classy. Cute now and rhinestone on the cap! So fun!

After photographing it, I remembered I has "Follow" in my stash and hasn't used it. I decided they'd be a nice duo. "Follow" was a gift with purchase in February and I don't think she is putting it in her for sale line, but don't quote me on it.

I would describe it as a lightly coral hues glitter topper with various shape, size, and colored iridescent glitter. I took plenty of macro shots to try to show the variation. Of course, Spencer kept trying to get my phone so I gave up pretty quickly. This also went on fantastically, coverage was not an issue- glitter disperses well and lies flat! I probably didn't need a top coat to be honest, but put one on anyway.

And, I was delightfully surprised that you could smell the plumeria even after the glitter and topcoat! What?! Yeah. Lighter than before but still there!

Picture time!

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