Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NOPI OPI Gold & Glitter Ombré

Awkward preface: I purchased these myself! No one gave them to me! Well... Except Desi gave me the Revlon. So I guess it's sponsored in part by Desi. Haha. Oh, and I think a friend gave me the OPI too. Can't remember.

Anyway... Today, I will compare two glitters.
Nicole by OPI (NOPI) - Pick of the Glitter
OPI - The Living Daylights

Last night, I chipped my pretty blue and white mani (oh darn), so after I showered (yay!), I painted the base for my comparison.

I used three golden metallics. As I mentioned on my St. Patrick's Day post, I didn't have a gold.

So, I used a gift card and bought one.

On my thumb, pointer, and middle fingernails, I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (it pains my to type that word without the E) in Golden-I. My ring fingernails I used Revlon - Fall Mood. Pinkies are NYC - Fifth Avenue.

On my left hand, I used NOPI - Pick of the Glitter, and the right OPI - The Livung Daylights.

The metallics all went on fine. No issues. Dried quick. Two coats opacity.

The glitters are very similar in color, but because they are the same parent company I'm not surprised. They both consist of copper, gold, silver, and teal hex glitters. The OPI glitters are the same size. NOPI has varying sizes, and a few lilac hexes as well.

NOPI presents more even and filial coverage, but the glitters don't lay quite as flat. The gold are just a tad but curled. Not bad, just a little.

I didn't bother with a glossy top coat, took some macros, and then added a matte to see what that would be like. It didn't look a lot different, possibly due to the super metallic base coats.

I will label each photo to avoid confusion.

Which do you like better?

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