Monday, March 25, 2013

Lavish Polish - Kitty

The polish used in this review was purchased by me, with a blogger review discount, under the promise I would test, swatch, and provide an honest review.

This post features Lavish Polish - Kitty!

From the listing:
A blue pearl based polish with fine silver glitter, small white matte hex, small turquoise hex glitter and large turquoise hex glitter.

This polish is beautiful. I love the pearly finish. It's gorgeous both in the bottle and on the nail. Overall, of the three I swatched today, I think it's my favorite. My only critique is that the large glitter doesn't lay flush with the nail on me. But I have very rounded nails, so I have that problem more than some do. With a thick coat of top coat it was no longer catching, and I think with a second, it would have been perfect. It wouldn't stop me from using the polish, that's for sure.

The formula, application, and dry time for this polish were wonderful. It's low odor also so that's a bonus. I've run into some strong odor polishes lately. The glitter disperses well and I didn't have to fish for large glitters. I had a few throughout the manicure, and that is great for my style. You would have to fish a little if you wanted them on every nail.

For swatching, I used one thin coat on my thumb. My pointer finger had a white base, middle finger a shimmery nude base, and ring finger a warm gray base. I left the pinky finger naked.

I took the first photo of the nails with just one generous coat. The rest of the photos (except the macro of the thumb nail) are two coats with a thick top coat. They will be in thumb to pinky order.

Overall, this polish is fabulous. I love that it's a softer blue, almost bordering on periwinkle. It's so fresh and whimsical!

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