Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nik's Easter Stripes

I really had the intention of doing a themed mani more in line with the real meaning of Easter, but I couldn't find a stamp that I liked enough. Next time.

I really had a million ideas (give or take) for an Easter mani and couldn't decide, so my friend Candace helped me pick this one.

Base: Sally Hansen - French Tip
Thumb: Zoya - Portia
Pointer: a mix of white and a Wet N Wild Orange that the label was worn down and I couldn't read the name
Middle: Sinful Colors - Unicorn
Ring: Finger Paints - Tiffany Imposter
Pinky: Revlon - Lily

I used three coats of the white and let it dry completely. Then I ripped ten pieces if scotch tape and cut ten pieces if striping tape. I de-stickified the scotch tape on my palms because I find it keeps it from yanking off layers of base coat.

I securely attached the scotch tape over the bottom half of each nail at a diagonal, and then the striping tape parallel just above it.

I painted each tip and peeled off the tape before moving to the next.

I photographed my nails, then, after deliberation with Candace, decided to give them all one coat of Wet N Wild - Hallucinate for added sparkle. Used my Ol Trusty too coat - Nutri Nail. Then more photos.


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