Monday, March 25, 2013

Lavish Polish - Peek a Boo

The polish used in this review was purchased by me, with a blogger review discount, under the promise I would test, swatch, and provide an honest review.

This post features Lavish Polish - Peek a Boo

From the listing:
A really cute and girly light purple jelly based polish with fine purple glitter, small silver holographic hex glitter and large purple hex glitter.

This polish is fun. I love the soft purple jelly base. Though, I'm still pretty new at jelly based and to boot, I thought the white polish was dry but it wasn't so that particular nail looks not so great. The jelly is a little thin, I thought, so I used generous coats. I love the glitter combination in this, though, as with all larger glitters and my super round nails, the larger ones don't lay completely flush. A thick coat or two of top coat solves the issue.

The formula, application, and dry time for this polish were wonderful. It's low odor also so that's a bonus. I've run into some strong odor polishes lately. The glitter disperses well and I didn't have to fish for large glitters. I had a few throughout the manicure, and that is great for my style. You would have to fish a little if you wanted them on every nail.

For swatching, I used one thin coat on my thumb. My pointer finger had a white base, middle finger a shimmery nude base, and ring finger a warm gray base. I left the pinky finger naked.

This was the first polish I swatched and the pointer and ring nails look gradient and streaky due to my error thinking undies were completely set. I apologize.

I took the first photo of the nails with just one generous coat. The rest of the photos (except the macro of the thumb nail) are two coats with a thick top coat. They will be in thumb to pinky order.

Overall, this is a nice feminine polish, especially if you aren't looking for a pink or a red. The holographic glitters would really flare in some bright light, but it's very dreary here today. Can't wait to try it again, all with one base. I would likely choose gray or a lilac color I have for undies next time.

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  1. I really like this purple! But I think my favorite nail combo that you've tried is the grey base.