Monday, March 18, 2013

Ive got the Baby Blues.. and White

Okay, I don't REALLY have the baby blues. Not really. I could go for a day off though. The boys haven't been very happy today, I think it's because daddy worked this weekend.

I do have a bit if baby fever... Which is weird, because I have a 6.5 month old baby. But whatever.

I just needed a title.

My post-holiday manicure began last night after I took off the green and glitter leprechaun/rainbow explosion on my nails. I used a good base coat, but it seems like if I use the tin foil method while wearing a green polish and glitter top coat, it stains. Second time time month? What gives?!

So, I used some cuticle balm and then slapped on some Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Breezy Blue. Two coats.

Third coat this morning.

And it still wasn't opaque. Ugh! I had planned to do a glitter topper on the top half of my nails, but decided maybe some art would better distract me from my visible nail line.

I used striping tape on my ring fingernail, and put on a coat of Sally Hansen - French Tip. It's just a plain white I got in a French tip kit YEARS ago that I rarely use, but it's very opaque and worked great for this mani.

Then, I broke out a dotting tool and have each of my other four nails a different design.

My left hand looks the same, more or less.

And, uh, FTC is hammering down on review blogs and junk and although this isn't REALLY a review, I will note that I bought these myself and was not sponsored in any way. I think we are technically supposed to say at the beginning if we are sponsored.

Anyway, pictures! Including one without white so you can see my three coat transparency issue.

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