Thursday, March 14, 2013

Suzi Loves Cowboys in Greenwich Village. And Did you Ear About Van Gogh? He went Over The Taupe!

Thanks, Desi, for help with the title! I couldn't think if a clever one or name for this mani, so I asked her help arranging the names of the polishes I used in it.

My mani today is thereby referred to as:
Suzi Loves Cowboys in Greenwich Village. And Did you Ear About Van Gogh? He went Over The Taupe!

All of these polishes are OPI brand.

I love OPI. I love the sturdy brush. I love the formula. The dry time. The shine. The chip resistance. It's my other favorite, next to Zoya, for big brand polishes.

I decided that, since I chipped my nails from yesterday in the shower at 1:00am, I would try a tape/striping tape/dotting tool manicure today. It was quite a process. Took about four hours due to the fact that I screwed up once, and have two little boys to care for. I have actually only completed the left hand fully and will attempt to finish the right hand during nap.

I started with my favorite khaki- Did You'Ear About Van Gogh. I used one coat on each ring and middle finger. While that was drying I applied two coats - Over the Taupe, the yummiest milk chocolate color, to the rest of my nails.

The next time I could steal a few minutes for myself, I taped off the bottom of my khaki nails in opposing diagonals. Gave each a coat of Over the Taupe.

Fast forward. I taped off the tips of all nails, switching directions at the khaki duo, and also added a line if striping tape not far from the other. Then, I gave each nail a generous coat of Suzi Loves Cowboys.

I took out a dotting tool and gave each nail one or two little dots of Greenwich Village, a dark lime-ish color.

Sealed with Sally Hansen Anti-Chip fast dry top coat (red bottle). I am torn between keeping it glossy or going matte.

These colors are very Nik. They complement my skin, my hair, and my eyes. And, I think I'll be wearing these colors to MOPS in the morning, if I ever get my laundry done!


  1. I actually think I like them better matte! That's a fun little manicure!

    1. I love most polish better matte!

  2. I'm so glad you went matte! That was a some good advice someone gave you... I love this. Do mine.