Monday, March 25, 2013

Lavish Polish - Chocolate Bunny

The polish used in this review was purchased by me, with a blogger review discount, under the promise I would test, swatch, and provide an honest review.

This post features Lavish Polish - Chocolate Bunny.

From the shop listing:
Chocolate Bunny is our first polish for Lavish Polish! It is a gorgeous brown jelly based polish with small iridescent hex glitter, small gold hex glitter and gold bar glitter.

When I saw this polish, I fell in love. I love brown polishes, and I love aqua, and together- yes please! The gold and iridescent I thought was a fun twist. I'm not generally a fan of bar glitter, but I overlooked that detail and decided to give it a go.

It was the polish I was most excited about if my set of four.

It arrived, gorgeous to look at in the bottle, but upon closer look, it seemed the bar glitters were a bit warped. My suspicion was confirmed upon application.

I have emailed Emely to see if she intended them to be this way, as they don't appear to be on the etsy listing, nor in the description

That said, application was easy enough except for the bars. I tried a few times to flip them but was getting a bit frustrated so I just left them as they laid.

Low odor. Nice jelly. I'm not the best at painting with jelly polishes because they are very new to me, so there was a little streaking on the white nail for sure. The polish dried with an average time, I would say.

Unfortunately, the bar glitters stuck up even through one coat of thick top coat.

For swatching, I used one thin coat on my thumb. My pointer finger had a white base, middle finger a shimmery nude base, and ring finger a warm gray base. I left the pinky finger naked.

I took the first photo of the nails with just one generous coat. The rest of the photos (except the macro of the thumb nail) are two coats with a thick top coat. They will be in thumb to pinky order.

Overall, I like the idea and look of the polish... Except those darn bar glitter! I will update when I hear back from her on the issue. I think I liked this color best over the nude base. What about you?

UPDATE: Emely will be removing the bar glitters because of the curling issue.


  1. The bar glitter can be annoying! I usually use tweezers or even a toothpick to try and put them in a better spot or take them off.
    But I do like the brown, turquoise and gold together! Reminds me of a friends prom dress :p

    1. I forgot to add.. when I have used the bar glitter before I noticed that the polish would come off easier