Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Daring Digits - Star Gazer

Awkward disclaimer: I bought this. Not a sponsored post.

I googled earlier and found no swatches of Daring Digits - Star Gazer. What?! It's SOOOO pretty! I couldn't believe it. Maybe they are just buried somewhere.

Anyway. My other mani was too flashy to keep, and because I was all jacked up on caffeine during nap time, I decided to paint my nails again.

I chose NOPI - Khloe had a Little Lam Lam as my base. Two coats. It's a rich, dark teal. It's fab.

And then... The beauty that is Star Gazer.

Can be purchased at if you're interested.

It's a clear base with teal tiny glitter, copper small glitter, and little black stars. It's gorgeous in the bottle!

It applies smoothly. Dries quick. Goes on fairly evenly. The stars in my particular bottle seem plastered to the side and even though I had it sitting upside down for quite a long time and rolled it between my palms a while, I only was able to get two stars out. It was kind of disappointing in principle, but you can't see them well over this super dark teal anyway so it was kind of nice to save them for another time!

I love it glossy. Love it matte. Matte photos are last.

Yes, indeed, this polish is amazing. It reminds me of a galaxy when over the teal. Or Cleopatra. Or a peacock that got whapped so hard it's seeing stars. Haha.

If it wasn't currently sold out, I would recommend you go buy it now.


  1. I have that NOPI color (or kolor - ick). It's a favorite. I love how it looks paired with this glitter!

  2. A real stunner! Perfect undie with it, too. Cheers, Lulu

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