Monday, March 4, 2013

Nik's thoughts on Pixie Dust

Alright, the long-awaited and wished for Zoya Pixie Dust is mine! I have London (gray) and Godiva (nude/gold).

I bought them off eBay, which saved me money. The initial price was $9 something, and shipping was $1 something. Take that crazy priced Zoya website shipping!

In general, I'm a big fan. The texture is fun, and not annoying. Ollie noticed it and had a thing for holding my fingernails. The sparkle is super pretty and can be seen even in low light!

It went on well. I used three coats of London and it was definitely opaque. It didn't take much longer than normal to dry to full matte effect, and I love that I accidentally marred one nail and you couldn't even tell.

The website says its "long lasting" though I don't know what their definition of long is. I put it on Saturday and chipped four nails Sunday. I'm about to remove it because I feel like it catches on my hair on the chipped nails now and it's driving me nuts.

They say not to use base or top coat, so I didn't.

Here area photos! I can't wait to own more polishes like this. Gotta sell some mobiles first though!

Can't wait to read what Desi thinks of it!


  1. I am loving my Pixiedust mani as well. Looks classy. I only used two coats and haven't had any chipping as of day 3. I'll post a pic on Facebook.

  2. I love Zoya, but I think I'm skipping this collection. I find that glittery nail polishes chip easier than regular polishes. I don't think I'd like the texture either, but I do like the gray color you're wearing.

  3. I think that all the hand sewing, diaper changing, cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, and playing toys I did this weekend didn't help with the chipping.