Saturday, March 16, 2013

Green and Gold and a Lesson!

I decided to be festive and attempt a St. Patrick's Day inspired manicure. Originally, I was going to do a few shades of green and add a gold shamrock.

When assembling supplies last night, I came to realize the only gold-ish polish I have is a glitter top coat. It's "24 Carat" by Kleancolor.

I have up on my original idea then, seeing as how I thought St. Pat's is a green and hold type holiday, and settled for what I will show you shortly, pledging to myself to get a gold polish so this dilemma can be avoided in the future.

I was telling my husband who, by the way, was doing a pretty good job pretending to care about my upcoming manicure, about this issue last night and he told me two surprising facts:

St. Patrick's Day was originally symbolized by blue.

Saint Patrick was not Irish.

I figured he was pulling a fast one on my and nodded along.

After researching, turns out this time he wasn't just messing with my head.

Had I known this, I would have done my original manicure in blues and silver, just to be different.

Alas, I decided on my simple green and gold.

Two coats of Zoya - Shawn, a dark army/mossy type green. Love. I can't say enough about Zoya's 4&5 opacity rated creams. I want to hoard them all!

Then I added one coat of the Kleancolor, I hadn't used it before (gold isn't really my color which is why I had the original issue), and was a bit sad as I layered it atop the green. It's got great coverage, goes on smooth and even, and is very gold. It has a few silvery-holo diamonds that were sparse in application. I wish there were a few more. So.., it was a bit of a letdown.

And then... I walked through sunlight rays in the living room and BAM! It's got some rainbow holographic effects! Wowza!

It's like a happy green grassy knoll where someone spilled a pot of gold and a rainbow shattered in the sunlight.

In miniature works, of course. Polly Pocket would have quite a scene.

I recall I purchased a set of these mini glitter toppers on sale at Hy-Vee (regional grocery chain) this winter and had never had them in the sun before.


As always, contemplating matte. But here's my shinyhappygreengoldrainbowy mani.

(Note: my fingers are red in some pics because its freezing outside and I was in my backyard. The really out of focus photos are to show the holographic effect.)


  1. I like your Americanized traditional St. Patrick's Day manicure. ;)

  2. Aside from loving nail polish, I love your photos. Cheers, Lulu