Monday, April 29, 2013

50 Shades - Different Dimension

I apologize in advance. I'm feeling super exhausted suddenly so I didn't crop or watermark any of the images.

Last night I put on a polish I've had since December and hadn't used yet. It's "50 Shades" by Different Dimension.

Her polishes can be found here:

She is releasing a Pink Floyd collection on May 1st and I MUST WIN THE LOTTERY . Which means I should play the lottery... Because I need them all. Pink Floyd is the bomb.

Anyway... This polish is black, and silver holo, and white glitters if various shapes and sizes in a clear base... That appears to have a very slight shimmer in certain light.

It covers very well in one coat. I used just one coat of it over Sally Hansen - Eel Skin. I added a single black star (from a Baggie of them I have) on the accent nail.

It dries fast. It's a little clumpy sometimes so I had to pay close attention to that and push a few lumps down as it was drying.

To me, it gives kind of an urban grunge feel.

It's inspired by that 50 Shades book series that I have no I interest in reading.

It's unique! Funky! Fun!

Shown in the sun, the shade, the living room, and matte!

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