Sunday, April 28, 2013

Carl - Daring Digits

When I ordered a few polishes from Daring Digits, Ashley threw in a couple extras.

Today, I am showing you "Carl," one of the gift polishes.

Daring Digits polishes can be purchased at:

Now, I'm a little confused about this Carl situation, because I can't find swatches or info about it anywhere. I emailed her asking if its a discontinued, or a new polish, or what, but haven't heard bank yet. I will update when I do.

I would describe it as a white-ish crelly base, with the slightest gray tiny. It has small matte bright blue hexes, and shiny (not metallic) larger yellow hexes. It also has small black bar glitter.

As I've mentioned before, as a general rule, I don't like bar glitter.

When I saw the polish in the bottle, I initially liked it. I've gone back and forth about it ever since. I love the bright blue and yellow against the white, but the bar glitters... Not so much. For a while they reminded me of salt and pepper, and then I liked it.

The polish is opaque-ish in three coats. I used a very light gray base. It dries well, and shiny. The glitters disperse with ease.

I like it best from afar. It's unique, and the colors are fun. But, after wearing it all day, looking at it up close, the bar glitter reminds me of our bathroom sink after my husband shaves... whisker stubble. I guess the manly name fits that way?

I can't decide if I like it. It's a great quality, like all the others of this brand, but... The black bars just... not my thing. If they were micro glitter hexes, I think I would like it much more!

Photos outside and inside! Sorry for the poor clean-up. We headed to the park and I forgot.

Ashley responded!
"Carl is part of my Aquateen Hunger force collection. I am hoping to launch it in May :-)"

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