Monday, April 8, 2013

Anna Banana - Wanderlust Lacquer

Today, I will show you a polish by a pretty new indie line- Wanderlust Lacquer. I actually will have five polish posts over the next few days. I was given the opportunity to purchase these at a discount to swatch and review.

Here is where you can get some Wanderlust, too:

My first review is for "Anna Banana."

From the site:
A light pink polish with holographic glitter, small pink hexes and larger blue. A perfect addition to your spring outfit.

There appears to be some purple also? And I would say the holographic glitters are of the shred variety. I would call the base actually a medium/candy pink jelly. It's darker than light pink, in my opinion. My swatches below are in the natural light in my kitchen because its drizzling outside.

The jelly base is kind of thin, so I used a nude undies for the swatches. Because it is so thin, the glitter really sinks to the bottom, so you will want to let it sit upside down a while before using it.

That said, it applies well. It dries in a normal time frame, not fast, not slow. I used one thin coat and one thick coat here.

The glitters you have to fish for a little if you haven't set it upside down first, at least in this bottle, but they lie flat and I kind of like that they are a bit more sparse. It's really fun.

I like the way this polish looks on me, and pink is not my favorite color!

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