Thursday, April 25, 2013

Caty Perry-Winkle - Above the Curve

This polish is a prize I won, from Above the Curve.

This and other polishes found here:

From the website:
Caty Perry-winkle is a cream holographic periwinkle polish.

It definitely is a gorgeous periwinkle blue. I LOVE IT. It's nearly the exact shade as Essie - Lapiz of Luxury, which is my favorite Essie polish (I own four).

The holographic... I suppose. It's not as holographic as Adriel, or really any other holographic polish I have seen. I suppose that's what they used to make it, but it comes across as more a shimmer. If you look incredibly close, it does look like its comprised of multiple colors. But if you're thinking you want a typical holographic effect, it's not that.

But actually I love it this way. It's a subtle shimmer in the bright light and it's very soft and classy, in my opinion.

If anyone is looking for gift ideas for me, I need a full size bottle of this. Haha.

My manicure is two coats if ATC Caty Perry-Winkle, with a few Essie - Lapiz of Luxury dots to show you their similarity. This is nearly opaque in one coat, but definitely no issue in two!

Photos are in direct sunlight, evening light, and indoor lightbulb.