Monday, April 15, 2013

Web of Lies - Wanderlust Lacquer

This polish was purchased by me at a reviewer's price.

Today, I will show you "Web of Lies" by Wanderlust Lacquer. This and many more are available at:

I just went to grab the description from the site and it is not on there! Oh no! I hope that doesn't mean it's gone for good! This polish is the one I was most looking forward to!

Anyway, it's a pretty plum creamy base with tiny black glitters. I was drawn to it immediately because of the simplicity. That, and I haven't personally seen this combo anywhere else!

It applied very well. Smooth, mostly, without top coat. I totally forgot about top coat for photos. Whoops. Good dry time. Great consistency and the glitters dispersed evenly.

I love the rich purple shade. It's dreary here still so I tried to show it outdoors in the sad overcast light, and also under artificial light indoors.

Yup, love this one. I hope she brings it back!

UPDATE: She's trying to figure out the glitter situation with her supplier but hopes to bring this polish back to her shop!

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