Monday, April 8, 2013

Marguerite - Wanderlust Lacquer

Part two of five. A polish I purchased at a discount to swatch and review.

Marguerite by Wanderlust Lacquer

From the site:
A Medium purple with medium sized aqua hexes, light purple, and small dark purple hexes.

The description is accurate. I love the shade of purple that this crelly (creamy jelly) base is. It's a bit "dusty" and not bold purple. The glitter combination is fun. The light purple appears a bit mauve to me, but I like it!

It goes on well. Two coats were opaque. It dried fairly quickly I think. The glitters lay smooth and I didn't have to fish for them!

My only complaint was that this mini bottle wasn't full. It was probably 3/5 full when I got it. One of the others from my set of 5 was the same, not full. In trying not to be too bummed out because I did get a discount, but still. I like the polish (and the other not full was the one I am most looking forward to) and will wear it again, so it's just sad that I won't get the full mini experience.

Edit: problem solved. Annie is very sweet and apologized sincerely for the bottle mishap.

The sky is getting even darker than this morning and its cold and drizzly out so these were also taken in the natural light of my kitchen.

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