Monday, April 8, 2013

End It!

I have spaced this up until a few minutes ago.

But tomorrow, I will be writing a red X on my hand.

This is going on tomorrow:

The official website is:

A few statistics I thought were important:

There are still 27 million people in slavery today. TWENTY-SEVEN MILLION.

80% are women.

Slavery is occurring in 161 countries, whether it is as slaves, transit, trafficking, etc. this includes the United States.

"Think that slavery is over with? Think again. Atlanta is one of the biggest hubs of slavery in the United States. They rank among the top 14 cities in the highest incidence of children used in prostitution. That's right, there are at least 13 other cities in the U.S. where slavery is present too. Probably more. Especially when you consider that 17,500 people are trafficked into the U.S. annually."

A person is bought for $90 or less a piece.

About half of those affected are children. Nearly 3,000 children are sold as slaves per day.

April 9th is Shine a Light on Slavery Day.

Join me? Write a red x on your hand. Do a manicure! Here's mine:

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