Monday, April 15, 2013

Unicorn Disco -Wanderlust Lacquer

This is another review of a posh I purchased at a discount to review.

This polish is packed full of glitter, you might say.

It's called "Unicorn Disco" and it's by Wanderlust Lacquer. It and many others are available here:

There's no real description of it on the site... But I would say it is a lavender and silver, holographic, small hex glitter bomb. She writes it is a glitter topper that can be opaque in three coats.

Well, I tell you what: it was opaque for me in two!

Now, I will admit I don't usually pick out glitter bomb type nail polishes for myself, but I decided I should branch out of the Ol comfort zone and so I purchased this one with the other four.

I've been a bit hesitant to use it though. I first couldn't decide what base color to use. I thought about a lilac, but I just didn't know.

I finally just decided I would be "brave" and use it alone.

I was happy to see that as I applied the first coat, it went on very fluidly. I didn't really know what to expect, but for the most part, it was very even coverage! I took a photo of it to show.

After the second coat, I decided my manicure was complete... Well, ready for topcoat. Though, honestly, the glitter, even though loaded and two coats, was actually pretty smooth, not catchy or anything. For good measure though, I used top coat. There are the tiniest "naked" parts on the nail that I only noticed with macro shots. I consider that, so far as glitter goes, to be opaque.

I'm a little nervous to take it off.... but will probably use the foil method and not fret too badly.

Dried quick!

It's very glitzy. The holo is quite noticeable in any light source but as shiny as the glitters are individually, it was hard to capture on camera. I tried indoors and outdoors as well.


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